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ENEX2000 gas turbine gensets

Gas turbine genset ENEX2000 is designed for use in building of onsite power plants running various hydrocarbon fuels. Radial single-shaft turbine has rated power of 2000 kW. ENEX2000 has a modular containerised configuration for installations in the open areas or inside power plant buildings. Most efficient applications for ENEX2000 are cogeneration with the continuous production of steam or hot water, processing of non-standard (including low heating value) flare and synthetic gases or liquid fuels into electricity, onsite power for remote isolated sites. ENEX2000 can be supplied with alternators of 0,4/6,3/10,5 kV 50Hz. Configuration for 60Hz grid ave available as well. 

Thanks to the cantilever suspension of the turbine and placement of bearings into the cold zone, there is no burning consumption of lubricating oil. The content of harmful substances in flue gases complies with the best world standards.


In stand alone operating mode ENEX2000 allows up to 80% shedding/surge of rated power. There is a dual fuel option available for ENEX2000, in which switching between the main and reserve fuel is carried out automatically without disconnecting the load. ENEX2000 can be used in seismically active areas.

ENEX2000 genset can use not only standard pipeline quality natural gas, but also non-standard synthetic, associated, coal, landfill gases, as well as liquid fuels up to crude oil.

ENEX2000 has a scheduled maintenance interval of 8000 hours. Running time before major overhaul is 50,000 hours. Overhaul is carried out onsite. For the period of engine repair, a replacement engine is provided, or a new one is installed according to the trade-in scheme.

ENEX2000 is supplied with PLC based control system and remote access capability with integrated standard communication protocols eliminating requirements for presence of maintenance personnel onsite and ability to integrate power plant into the site SCADA system.

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