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ENEX300-1000 IC reciprocating engine gensets

ENEX300-1000 are IC engine based line of gensets with rated power of 300 to 1000 kW designed for use in onsite power generation plants running various hydrocarbon fuel gases. ENEX IC engine gensets have modular design for installation in an open areas or inside power plant building.

Most efficient applications for using ENEX300-1000 gensets are: cogeneration(CHP - electricity and heat) or tri-generation (CCHP - electricity, heat and cooling energy) on natural pipeline quality gas to offset grid tariffs or processing of synthetic gases with a high hydrogen content into electricity. ENEX IC engine gensets are capable of operating on LPG (propane and propane-butane mix) and associated petroleum gases with a methane number as low as 35.

ENEX IC engine gensets can operate in grid parallel mode with automated feed-in control or in stand alone mode following load demand in isolated electrical grid. The use of modern PLC controllers makes it possible to cluster multiple gensets into a combined power plant to achieve required installed power capacity and automatically follow site energy consumption profile.

ENEX300-1000 IC engines have maintenance interval of 2500 firing hours. Operating time before major overhaul is 60,000 hours. Overhaul is carried out at the installation site without replacement of cylinder block.

ENEX300-1000 IC genset operation is fully automated with remote control imbedded into the system eliminating requirements of continuous presence of maintenance personnel onsite and ability to integrate power plant management into site SCADA system.

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