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high-temperature ablative

pyrolysis gasification

ENEX HTAP system is designed for the processing of organic waste into synthetic renewable gas (SRG) and pyrolysis char, which are finished products with added value in themselves, and can also be used to obtain other products, ensuring efficient and complete processing of the feedstock. Which can be not only municipal or industrial waste, but also local source of vegetable biomass, coal, wood, peat or sludges.

Thanks to its high calorific value of 20 MJ / Nm3, SRG can be used as a fuel for standard gas reciprocating engines or gas turbines based power plants for generating electricity and in boilers and process furnaces to produce heat in the form of steam, hot water or heating thermal oil. Direct SNG fired adsorption chillers can provide cooling energy.


The addition of a methanation module makes it possible to bring the composition of the synthetic gas closer to pipeline quality.


The addition of a catalytic conversion module converts synthetic gas to dimethyl ether (DME), which can be blended with diesel or propane.

The pyrolysis char, after evaporation of volatile compounds into synthetic gas, can serve as an analogue of coal for generating heat in solid fuel boilers. The addition of a steam activation module allows pyrolysis char to be converted into activated carbon (organic adsorbent). The addition of a chemical activation module makes it possible to process the mineral part of the pyrolysis char into mineral adsorbents (zeolites, silica gel, coagulants).

There are many developers and reactors for thermal waste destruction of organic waste on the market. Most of them justify the payback by reducing the cost of disposal, in fact, producing only a smaller volume of waste from a larger volume. We are focused on making of products from waste with high market added value, striving to recycle the entire volume of raw waste materials. Thanks to the modular structure of our systems, we can integrate with alternative waste processing technologies: production of fuel pellets and compound feed, composting, coal liquefaction and others.

Technological capabilities of the ENEX HTAP modular system:

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