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Comprehensive approach from economic feasibility study to post-warranty support


Collection of initial data, development of options for efficient application of our products and technical solutions. Feasibility study is carried out by ENEX personnel through the use of our knowledge and experience in projects implementation.

Development of project documentation is a necessary stage in the implementation of complex engineering projects. We are ready to undertake the development of both technological parts related to the equipment we supply, as well as the entire design of site arrangement and project management coordination on behalf of the customer.

Our company has commissioning and engineering groups. We use third party contractors for general construction work and auxiliary equipment supply from region where installation site is located. If necessary, we are ready to provide service as the general contractor.


Scope of ENEX participation in site support services includes training of customer's operating personnel, supplying spare and consumable parts and materials, performing scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Also we can provide an extended warranty contracts for ENEX supplied equipment for a period of up to 10 years with a fixing price linked to guaranteed operating hours.

The standard scheme of interaction with the site owner or operator with our products installed involves remote monitoring and participation of our personnel in minor and major equipment repairs. If necessary, we are ready to provide on-site supervisors on a permanent basis to organise and monitor site operation.

Estimated service life of the systems supplied by ENEX is synchronised with the life cycle of the facility where our products and equipment are installed, i.e. 15-25 years. During life cycle sites can undergo upgrades and modernisations. Throughout the life cycle of the sites, we offer our customers upgrades and modernisation of the previously supplied equipment in order to maintain high efficiency level.

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